Thursday, 4 December 2008

A new start

I am eventually getting the hang of this blogging.... I think!

Anyway, thought I would just set it up today, but watch this spot .... more to be added ...

Yes! It did snow here on 23 November. Not much, but it did! Daniel was so excited. I don't think I've seen him get up out of bed and dress so fast before. Unfortunately it wasn't much but he had a good time enjoying the little that did fall. It was very pretty.

Next time I'll write more. This was just a quick update for now.


Anonymous said...

Boooootiful! The children say, "Why does it never snow here. I wish it would snow here Mom"

Tom Greaves said...

If you're going to hold a family get together, I hope it includes all Horatio's (1807) ancestors. I don't like to miss a good do

Seasons greetings,
Tom Greaves

Lynese Morris said...

Well done Sue. i enjoyed reading yor blog and look forward to future posts as i have made your address one of my favourites so it will be easy to see what you are up to.