Saturday, 31 January 2009

One month into the new year!

I can hardly believe that the first month of the year is already virtually over. Time flies when you are having fun? Not to sure about that!

Anyway, I guess life must have been busy for it to go by as quickly as it did. Let me see what we have been up to...

Benji really loves his Christmas present which we've caught him playing with often.

Then we had some more snow, not much, but enough to excite Daniel and get him out of bed quickly. It has, apparently, been the coldest Winter the UK has had in 5 years. Snow is expected tomorrow evening but I think it will only be a light sprinkle again.

Along with some of the ladies in our church, we organised a 'Baby shower' for my friend, Tasnim. Unfortunately, they don't do them here in the UK but it is becoming very popular in our church. I organised one for another girl in our congregation last year. There is another South African, ex Zimbabwean, girl in the congregation with helps. Tasmin's baby boy was born yesterday afternoon while I had her son, Jack, around after school. I can't wait to see and hold the baby - maybe on Monday. Here she is playing one of the games we set for her.

About mid-January we heard that Edwin's eldest brother, Barry, was not well and was in hospital. Edwin decided to go up and visit him. He was pleased that he did but was also very concerned with the deteriation in his health and so we have decided to go up to Leeds for a few nights to see him again during the February half term break. Edwin stayed with his sister, Betty, and had a great time catching up with her and his brother, Alex. They were pleased to see Barry's daughter, Tracy, when they visited Barry in hospital. Barry appreciated seeing and spending time with Edwin, especially the time they spent in prayer together.

Beside the normal routine and visits to the doctor, one being to check Daniel's hearing, each day has been fairly busy. Some things never stop and so we now look forward to the next month and what it has to offer...

...Daniel's hearing test, a visit to the optician, the possible start of Trombone lessons, half-term break, etc.

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