Thursday, 5 February 2009

Music lessons

I got a big surprise on Tuesday afternoon when I fetched Daniel from school. Out the class he came, looking as pleased as punch, with a musical instrument case in his hand. He has now started Cornet lessons. He would have liked to be playing the Trombone but they say his arms are not long enough yet. His understands and is still very happy but is looking forward to having longer arms so that he can then play his favourite instrument.

It snowed again last night and this morning, when I checked on the internet, I discovered that Daniel's school is closed for today. It's not been too bad. He started the day practising on his cornet and then spent time in the lounge with his electric train, then he went for a walk with Wendy and Terry (his surrogate grandparents) and came back home drenched. Apparently, he could not avoid the puddles and discovered that one was actually deeper than what he thought. Anyway, being used to these things with my child, I just whisked off his clothes at the door and sent him up for a nice warm bath, which he enjoyed for over 30 minutes. Then he had some lunch while watching TV for aobut 3 hours. Now he is just popping over to show Wendy and Terry his new instrument.

Not sure what tomorrow will be like and will need to check if school is open but after lunch Daniel has a hearing test....

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