Friday, 18 December 2009

2009 Newsletter

Isn't it terrible how quickly time flies. Before you know it, it's the end of the year and you are wondering why it's taken you so long to write....
Anyway, here I am with a brief update of our life this year.

Well Benji started off the year very happy with his Christmas present. Then there was a bit of snow and Edwin took a trip up to Leeds to see his brother, Barry, who was in hospital. (some mentioned in a previous blog)

A friend, Mike Dunford, visited and we also had a bit more snow. I shouldn't say a 'bit' as the school was closed for a day, although we still sent Daniel in. He had a wonderful day! Daniel also started cornet lesson which he absolutely loves but still dreams of playing the trombone. For 'Book week' Daniel decided to go dressed as a train driver - no great surprise! A day out to Welney Wetland was good but we couldn't go on the trails due to flooding. Daniel decided to start Spring cleaning. (some things mentioned in a previous blog)

Red nose day was great fun with us all wearing noses and doing our bit. The Wicken Coffee Morning group decided to have a cake sale. A day out to Stonham Barns was interesting and fun. It was great to see all the different owls and hear about the work they do at the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary. (some things mentioned in a previous blog)

Easter egg hunting, half term break.... (see previous blog)

Edwin and Daniel had a great time at the annual Train exhibition. Daniel tried to save a bird but unfortunately learnt the very hard lesson about interferring with nature. It was a fledgling and it's mother had been watching over it but with Daniel touching it and then putting it in the shed, she left and the fledgling died. He was very sad and realised his mistake. School dressup was fun, especially when you are an explorer.

Daniel and Edwin had a marvelous time visiting the Logos Hope in London. Daniel can't wait to be old enough to go and work on a ship! Father's Day was fun, as well as the Wicken Fair.

Boys Brigade is always great fun when you go to Mepal Water Centre. Taking part in the Newmarket Carnival wasn't as bad as we thought. Going up to Leeds for Barry's funeral was both sad and interesting, especially with Edwin meeting long lost cousins. With the sun shining sports day was a lot of fun. And the encouragement of school achievement certificates is always welcome.

Summer holidays started off well with a visit to the Youth Hostel in Sheringham, even with the millions of ladybirds. Then it was off to Leeds, Lake District, Sherwood forest to visit family and explore new place, and buying another car along the way, before returning back home.

Acknowledgement of library Summer book reading challenge, Pumpkin Fair, another visit from Mike, the arrival of Pop (my Dad), parachuting teddies, enjoying the outdoors, Denver mill visit, Harvest and a visit by Lorna Balance.

Saying goodbye to Pop was sad but holding a new born baby and celebrating Dad's birthday is the best. Visiting Abbey Gardens in Bury St Edmunds was a fun time feeding squirrels and playing in the leaves.

Moving into a new manse as well as lots of work with school projects and learning about the Saxons. Then there's pumkins and bornfire night to celebrate as well as a 8th birthday! And before we know it, it's time to prepare for Christmas. The living nativity in Ely was so good that Daniel insisted we watch it twice, even if it meant frozen fingers. Next was the celebration of the re-opening of the Soham Methodist Church Hall - Edwin did very well and we were so proud of him.

Well that's not quite over yet and started with the Christingle Service which was held at the Anglican church this year. The Boys Brigade service went well despite the small numbers and we all enjoyed the mince pies after the service. Then we decided to have a belated birthday party for Daniel which we combined with two other boys whose parents are South Africans. Wicken Coffee Morning Christmas celebrations at the manse and a visit from Douglas and Lynese Morris made last Friday hectic and fun. Although, maybe not as much fun as the arrival of snow last night. Edwin and I were out in Ely for the College music evening at the Cathedral. When we arrived it had started snowing, but we didn't think that it would continue. Boy were we wrong! By the time we came out it was at least 4 inches deep. This meant a very long and slow drive back home, 10mph. We got home at 11pm and then Edwin drove Wendy (Daniel's surrogate grandmother who'd babysat) home. I think we only got to bed after midnight and then Daniel was up at 6:30am. I had to frantically check the internet to find out if school was open or not as he was eager to get out. Eventually at about 7:30 we found out that it was closed. Daniel was in his element, by this time he'd already dressed and had breakfast, and was rearing to get outside. Poor Edwin had to do a funeral but I've been able to enjoy keeping warm inside.

May the love that came that holy night, light all your days with hope and joy. Happy Christmas!
Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. (Luke 2:14)

Lots of love and God bless,
Edwin, Sue and Daniel

PS. This year we’ve decided to provide safe water for 20 people via the Oxfam charity, rather than spend money on individual Christmas cards, envelopes and postage. We hope you understand and perhaps consider doing something similar one day.

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Lynese Morris said...

Thank you for this lovely, lovely Christmas Greeting. I loved all the photos as well as all your news. God bless you all.